Marjan Aghal

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I'm a digital designer from UK. During my childhood I used to spend hours drawing characters of my imagination and men of the past, like those nineteenth century gentlemen with mustaches and tails. After my Bachelor of Arts I worked for FairFX for 6 years designing their site, stationary, creditcards, office, etc. New year 2008, new life: I decided to study in UCL and follow my career in US, where I have lived for eight years.

I started working as in house graphic designer and web developer for At&t. For three years I have worked as senior digital designer at Loreal where I gained more experience in web design, print and social media marketing. I have been the official senior digital designer of BTS and pursuing a degree in SQL programming to advance my skills.  

In the 2016 I decided to live in the west side to have a new life experience: this allowed me to broaden my horizons and freelance for a few companies doing digital design and web development (HTML & CSS).


L'Oréal Paris / FairFX London / AT&T CA / Yellow Pages CA / SalonCentric CA / BTS US / LastMinute UK


UCLA / Los Angeles / 2017

TVU / London / 2006

HWLC / London / 2004


I Ian Strafford-Taylor confirm that Marjan was employed as a Web Designer, Developer and Graphic Designer with us at FairFX for 4 years. Marjan’s job was to do all the Web Design and changes for FairFX which is an internet-only business and as such the Website was of crucial importance. In addition, Marjan did lots of Graphic Design for marketing and advertising materials both on-line and in printed media. Marjan has specific technical skills in Photoshop, Flash, HTML, CSS and PowerPoint combined with an excellent artistic flair.

Ian Taylor / / +44 7920 793793


Marjan Is a reliable and dependable employee with a very open and honest outlook and was universally popular in the office. I would happily, without reservation, recommend Marjan to any potential employer as either a full-time employee or as a contractor.

Jules Bean / / +44 20 7778 9301


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